Department: Operations Reports To: Key Holder/Shift Manager/Assistant Manager/Restaurant Manager FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Tasks And Responsibilities: 1. Prepares food neatly, accurately, and in a timely way. 2. Demonstrates a complete understanding of menu items and explains it to guests accurately. Exhibits a cheerful and helpful manner when dealing with guests. 3. Checks products in sandwich unit area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift. 4. Cleans as directed. 5. Greets guests and prepares their orders, uses Point of Sale system/cash register to record the order and computes the amount of the bill, collects payment from guests and makes change. 6. Treats co-workers with respect and dignity. 7. Understands and adheres to all quality standards, formulas and procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual. 8. Becomes familiar with and comply with all company policies as outlined in the Subway of Alaska Employee Handbook 9. Accounts for all forms of money, bread, etc. during the shift. 10. Understands and adheres to proper food handling, safety and sanitization standards while preparing food, serving food, and clean up. 11. Maintains professional appearance and grooming standards as outlined in the Subway of Alaska Employee Handbook. 12. Performs light paperwork duties as assigned. Prerequisities: Education: Some high school or equivalent. Experience: Ability to understand and implement written and verbal instruction. Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Must be able to work any area of the restaurant when needed and to operate a computerized Point of Sale system/cash register. Position requires bending, standing, and walking the entire workday. Must have the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 30 pounds occasionally, while being able to lift 31-50 pounds now and then. Dress and Grooming /Uniform Policy: It is important for the company employees to maintain the highest level of professional appearance at all times. Our customers judge us not only by what we do, but how professionally we present ourselves. Our objective is to make a favorable impression on our guest by being well groomed, cheerful and courteous. During business hours, employees are expected to present a clean and neat appearance and to dress according to the requirements of their positions. Please ask if you have questions as to what constitutes appropriate attire. Uniforms are required before work begins. Smile and Face Offer a sincere SMILE in every customer greeting. Faces must be clean shaven and mustaches must be short and no longer than the corners of your mouth and neatly trimmed. NO BEARDS! NO GOATEES! A moderate amount of makeup is acceptable. No heavy use of perfume or cologne. NO CHEWING GUM while on duty! Uniform: (Asterisk means Subway supplies uniform piece.)
  • Subway uniform includes the *green Subway golf shirt, *Subway hat or visor, *black apron, black slacks or black jeans, black shoes (socks must be wore with shoes) and a *nametag.
  • Uniform must be clean and wrinkle free and shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • White or black T-shirt underneath is ok as long as the sleeves do not show from underneath the uniform shirt.
  • Shirts that are torn, tattered or bleach spotted will be replaced through Swan Employer Services at no charge.
  • Black Denim Jeans may be worn with your Subway uniform. They must be (Black, full length (to the ankle) pants. Fabric must be cotton, polyester, a cotton/polyester blend, or black denim. Stonewashed denim colors other than black are NOT allowed. Black denim cannot be faded or contain inserts, studs, color stitching, lacing, or other decorations. Black jeans must be neat and fitted, not baggy.
  • Shorts can be worn from Memorial Day to Labor Day ONLY. Shorts must be black in color and no longer than knee length. Fabric must be cotton, polyester, a cotton/polyester blend, or black denim. Stonewashed denim and denim colors other than black are NOT allowed. Shorts cannot be faded or contain inserts, studs, color stitching, lacing or other decorations. Shorts must be hemmed, not cut off.
  • Only wear approved Subway nametag. Nametags must be worn on the right side and even with the bottom button of the Subway logo crew shirt. No taped on names or written on names are allowed. Please do not borrow someone else’s nametag. If you need a new nametag replacements can be purchased at Swan Employer Services for $1.00.
  • Shoes must be Black closed heel/toe, flat-heeled, non slip, and comfortable, for your protection.
  • A hat or visor that is Subway approved must always be worn.
  • Hair must be clean and neatly combed or brushed. If hair is longer than your collar it must be restrained in a braid, pony tail or tucked under the hat or visor.
  • If you choose an unnatural hair color it must be tucked in a hat.
  • One ring per hand can be worn.
  • Wristwatch may be worn.
  • No bracelets.
  • Earrings, only one earring per ear, stud/post only. The earring must not be larger than a dime. No dangling or hoop types are allowed. No other visible body piercing allowed.
Tattoos Must be in good taste and not to be obscene, at manager’s discretion. Hands
  • Keep hands sparkling clean at all times.
  • No polish or acrylic nails! Fingernails must be kept short and clean at all times.
  • Hands must be washed without fail, before returning to work from the restroom, before and after meal or break time, after completing a cleaning assignment, and always after handling money.
  • Gloves do not take the place of hand washing. Gloves should be discarded once you’ve moved away from food preparation and rewashed upon starting any new food prep.
All Employees
  • Must wear complete company approved uniform at all times when working.
  • Any employee serving Subway product outside the store premises must be dressed in the complete company approved uniform.
  • Hats and aprons should not be worn when taking out the garbage, entering the restroom, or delivering product.
  • Uniforms must be clean, wrinkle free and neat at all times.
  • No portable devices may be worn or used while working in the restaurant, unless on a scheduled break. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, wireless headsets, personal digital assistants, portable music players, etc.
Work Environment: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Subway of Alaska has created a work environment, compensation and benefits program, and an interactive culture that we believe foster positive work relationships. We support promotion from within and foster an entrepreneurial spirit through which every team member personally contributes to the Company’s success. Subway of Alaska is an equal opportunity employer, hires on the basis of qualifications and ability. We reward our team with challenging environment that encourages team members to learn, grow, and “not get lost in the shuffle. ”We also make a continuous and diligent effort to openly communicate to our employee’s pertinent plans and information relative to our industry and the ongoing direction of our Company.