Multi-Unit Supervisor

  • Delivers superior customer service, meets and exceeds financial goals, may represent the franchisee to the DA office and/or DAI.
  • Oversees all financial activity, effectively budgets time and resources to improve productivity and profits.
  • Demonstrates excellent communication skills, develops marketwide sales building plans and improves customer service.
  • Conducts manager meetings, builds coaching and counseling skills, oversees rewards and recognition programs.
  • Coordinates all multi-unit activities, supervises managers, sets and meets performance goals.


  • Demonstrates consistent operational excellence and fiscal responsibility; Employee is a candidate for multi-unit supervisor.
  • Demonstrates sales growth that exceeds market goals, becomes an effective leader and communicator.
  • Delivers results with financial controls to keep costs down and surpass profit goals.
  • Builds a strong and competent staff by practicing team building skills and improve counseling skills.
  • Assumes responsibility for short and long term goals for productivity, customer satisfaction and staff development.

Assistant Manager

  • Manages without supervision using positive and professional leadership skills; Employee is a candidate for manager.
  • Develops and analyzes control sheets WISRs, conducts performance reviews.
  • Schedules staff and addresses training and development concerns, monitors staff progress.
  • Understands and practices crisis management and loss prevention strategies.
  • Coordinates deliveries and food preparation, begins to assist with the hiring process.

Shift Manager

  • Takes role of manger on duty when necessary; Employee is a candidate for assistant manager.
  • Monitors restaurant inventory, oversees staff training of new employees.
  • Develops advanced customer service skills, enhances supervisory skills.
  • Coordinates job assignments, accepts deliveries, completes shift paperwork.
  • Performs basic supervisory duties, ensuring proper sandwich building and customer service.
  • Senior Sandwich Artist

Has successfully trained 2-4 new employees; Employee is a candidate for shift manager.

  • Learns all POS clerk tasks, understands maintenance and security issues, shows a willingness to train new Sandwich Artists.
  • Practices shift level controls, performs basic control paperwork.
  • Learns and practices restaurant opening and closing procedures under supervision.
  • Understands food safety practices, models a positive attitude and sets and example for other staff.

Sandwich Artist

  • Has mastered sandwich building and baking, provides good customer service; Employee is a candidate for Senior Sandwich Artist.
  • Performs cleaning duties, learns backroom food preparation, understands thru-put.
  • Improves customer service skills, learns to bake bread and cookies.
  • Learns the basic of sandwich building and sales ringing.
  • As the face of SUBWAY® restaurant, is on time, well groomed and has a positive attitude; Begins training.